With my love of carpentry work grew another area of interest of mine, wood working. It all started when I couldn't find the right gift for my nephew to help him celebrate his first Christmas. After searching for a while, I decided I would take it into my own hands and make him a toy box.

That's all it took before another passion of mine was fueled and I started Creative Crafts, a division of Casso Carpentry. There is nothing more gratifying then creating something with my own hands that people can enjoy for years.

Each toy I make is made with top quality wood, time, and dedication to create a beautiful product that I am proud to stand by - and you will be happy to own.
These creative crafts can be customized for the children in your life. Whether you're looking for the perfect toy box for your princess or a table and chair set for your tiny tot, you and your little one will love these designs.
  • Customized Toy Boxes
  • Childs Desk
  • Table and Chair Sets
Future Toy Boxes

"I've known Steve Casso for 25 years. Worked with him for some of those years. I know first hand that he is extremely professional and no matter how big or small the job he is doing for you, you will not be disappointed. Not only is Steve the best at what he does, he also does is at a reasonable cost."

Greg S.

"Steve was friendly, professional and efficient at every phase of the project. He built an upstairs deck for my family. We couldn't be happier. Give him a call."

Justin P.

"Excellent work. Very reliable. Easy to work with."

Marion A.

"Great business to work with! Family owned and operated - Support Local Business"

Daniel C.

"Customized toy boxes for the boys made by Steve Casso - thanks again Steve you did a great job we love them!"

Nicole Q.